Leova Orphanage is a boarding school located in the southwest of Moldova near the Prut River. It currently houses about 200 students age 7 and above. Of all the orphanages visited in Moldova, this one is different. It has a cheerful atmosphere; the director is very forward thinking and is constantly trying to find ways to better the lives of the students there. Most orphanage graduates do not possess the skills necessary for independent living; however Ms. Gospidnova has created several classes for the upper level students. She has introduced a class teaching the students how to cook and sew as well as learn a trade such as hairstyling, woodworking, carpentry, etc.

The orphanage director has also started a cobbler class for her students. The students that are learning this trade are quite talented and actually repair all the shoes worn by their classmates. In this way, the orphanage is able to extend the useful life of the students’ shoes and save money. The class is in need of more supplies in order to keep up with the demand of learning their trade and repairing their classmates shoes.

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