Podkamennaya is a regional settlement in the Shelekhov district of the Irkutsk region. The population of the settlement is 856 people, among which there are 230 children, 8 orphans and 39 disabled children (200 young people).

At the moment in the village there is only a club, in which there are supplies for drawing and knitting for girls, and there are 5 simulators for guys. There are no training, sports and other entertaining centers, so the village has a problem of employment of children and youth in their spare time. As a result, the number of underage drinkers is increasing in the village.

The construction of a sports stadium is an extreme necessity and very significant event for the residents of the municipality. After all, children and adolescents will have the opportunity to engage in full-fledged sports, namely basketball, volleyball, mini-football, and in the winter time it is an ice rink, teenagers will be able to skate and play hockey. There will also be an opportunity for sporting events. The stadium is an opportunity to prepare for the passing of TRP standards, and the opportunity to conduct sports competitions between neighboring villages.

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