Children are the most valuable part of any society. They are our future. The safety and upbringing of children left without parental care and love are the most important and noble act among people. Unfortunately, humankind has not found a way to care for children that can substitute parental care and family environment. Every child deserves to have parents – it is a law of life!

The Lozenko family lives in the residential settlement, Nizhnya Dyovanka, Svatovsky Region. Julia Alexandrovna Lozenko is a kindergarten teacher at a local school. Vladimir Sergeevich Lozenko is a school bus driver. This couple brings up four children of their own and one adopted daughter. The girl was adopted from Svatovsky Orphanage “Hope”.

The Lozenko family would like to establish a family-based shelter so they can be joined by other five or more children who are deprived of parental care and love. But there is a great obstacle to this dream – a small house. There are only 2 bedrooms and a small kitchen in a house. Children sleep in bunk beds and the family eats in two shifts.

But they were given a large house that can be repaired and can help make their dream come true – adopt another 5 or more children. The house is in a poor condition with dried cracked frames, broken windows, no doors, leaking roof, and rotten floors. The house is in a great need of restoration and repair, including water supply system and plumbing. All of these are expensive. The family won’t be able to manage with such amount of work and to meet the cost of this project.

In order to start the restoration and repair inside the house, there is a great need and necessity to install vinyl windows and doors that will provide children with warmth and insulation. The federal budget does not include financing of restoration and repairs for this house. The regional budget is too small to provide money for this project. The only hope is on people who are willing to help a family-based orphanage.

 Project Document
 Project Document

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