“Letters to Santa” is our traditional Christmas Project for orphans in the Irkutsk Region. This project aims to buy (or collect) New Year gifts for orphans in Ust Kut and Vera Orphanages.

There are 18 orphanages in the Irkutsk region caring for 17,553 orphans according to the Ministry of Social development and Guardianship. Approximately 75% of the kids live in foster families with the remaining living in various institutions in the region. Many of the kids are siblings and also have various mental disorders which makes adoption nearly impossible.

Of course, we cannot organize gifts for all children, but we will try to provide for as many as possible. We don’t ask that you give a specific sum of money, only that you help us to buy some gifts, as many as possible.

The main holiday in Russia is New Year, we celebrate it on the 31st of December and Orthodox Christmas is the 7th of January, it is the second day to receive gifts. Our volunteers will collect and purchase all gifts and provide a photo-report to all donors.

 Project Document

Thanks for kind donations: Pousada Laguna Hotel,