“Letters to Santa” is our traditional Christmas Project for orphans in the Irkutsk Region. We all happily wait for this event, but 2019 was a difficult year.

This summer, a huge part of the region was flooded, twice!

After raining several days, villages and small towns in along distance of more than 300 km were under water. The orphanages of Tulun, Nigneudinsk and other villages were almost completely destroyed! In Tulun alone, 5000 houses disappeared, and thousands of people lost everything: houses, pets, documents, relatives, etc.

So, this New Year is special for those who suffered in the floods. We will be dedicating this project to help those facilities rebuild their lives.

Thanks for kind donations: Pousada Laguna Hotel, Bill Ryerson, Mak Wai Lun, Maxim Shvedov, Amazon Smile, PayPal Giving Fund, and our own permanent fund: Adam Sheda Memorial Fund.