Our volunteers are organizing a series of Christmas festivities for the Russian orphans. They organize and conduct parties and pay for all related expenses. They need the funds to buy Christmas and New Year’s gifts for the orphans. This year we are cooperating with some schools to include children from very poor families that are not able to buy Christmas gifts for their children.

According to an old tradition, kids receive a plastic baggy with candies, chocolates, apple and an orange as a Christmas gift. Cost of one bag is about $10. Our target is 500 children in up to 20 organizations including all orphanages and shelters that we currently support. More orphans will receive presents if we are able to raise more money.
Thank you for your generosity!

Artwork by Elena Gorbacheva

Thanks for kind donations: Tatyana Kogan, Richard & Rebecca Soverns, Alans Online, firstgiving, James Jackson, Mariya Carrell, Anonymous, Sam Haskell, Alexander Droznik, New Idea, Nadezhda Popova, Karla Pratt, iGive.com, Irene & Gregory Karg, GoodSearch.com, Tatiana Jackson, Kay Bennett, Irene Karg, Devren Breaux, and our own permanent fund: Relief Fund.