Orphanages that care for infants and toddlers struggle every month to buy food and medical supplies. Things like ointment, baby formula, vegetables, fruits and fish are luxuries that they rarely afford. These little orphans often require very expensive lab tests and medications. Our program currently operates at the State regional Facility “Interdepartmental Center for Orphaned Children” in Perm. We have 4 very dedicated volunteers in the local community that visit the little ones, coordinate purchases and deliver donated items.

Thanks for kind donations: Pre Start Checklist, Richard & Rebecca Soverns, Maria Mott, Lynette Hollands, Anna Taylor, Virginia da Costa, Amber Murphy, Natalia Loyola, Elizabeth Randall, Pavel Dournov, Olga Jilani, Ivan Denyssevych, Mak Wai Lun, Aixin Liu, Francisco Escobar, Reni Thomas, James Bradford, Louise O`Reilly, Deborah Fortna, Nata Shallaly, Roman Pakin, Hon Yin Tey, Anton Galin, Grigori Gorelov, and our own permanent fund: Adam Sheda Memorial Fund.