Serzhantovo Orphanage
Address: 10 Leninskaya St., Serzhantovo, 692436, Primorsky Krai, Dalnegorsk Region, Russia
Phone: (+7)42273-39492 – very difficult to get through

The Serzhantovo Children House is situated in a far-away northern district of the Primorsky region (town of Dalnegorsk) 350 Miles from Vladivostok. It is the constituent part of a school complex. There are 59 children in the House between the ages of 3 and 18, including 14 children of pre-school age.
The children cultivate 20 hectares of land where they grow potatoes and other vegetables to improve the variety of food. Part of the harvest is sold to the people living nearby to cover the costs of some necessary items purchased for the children. The funds they receive from the municipal authorities are insufficient to buy expensive equipment that is urgently needed.


Thanks for kind donations: Yuliya Smyk, Heidi Zimmerman, Igor Tereshin, Bradley Walston, Esfuerzo y Dedicacion, Elena Levitskaya, Elizabeth Randall, Karla Pratt, Richard & Rebecca Soverns, Suncorp AU, Jennifer Dangelo, Natalia Arjansteva, Anonymous (in Jesus name),, Jon Dibenedetto, Kathleen Tenoever, Helena van der Horst, Matthew Wesley, Anonymous, Anne-Cécile Gerard, Alfredo Carrion, Wedge IM, Olga Faden, Ian Johnston, Deame Hua, Natalia Ryndina, Maxim Omanov, Nita Godwin, Jason Takagi, Good News Church College Ministries, and our own permanent fund: Medical Treatment.