Hope family commune is a private non-profit institution whose mission is social rehabilitation of orphans and “social orphans” (kids that have been removed from an abusive or negligent home) in St. Petersburg and Karelia. Hope facilitates their integration as functioning members into the society. This organization, established in 1993, was working without registration until 1996 when it was accredited by the government (license number 609-UR dated April 17, 1996). Hope receives no regular financial support from the state. For four years in a row, Hope won first recognition prize at the international contest “Children’s Destinies”.

The commune includes Hope’s main building complete with a cultural center, medical consultancy, home school, craft centers, gym and dining hall for vulnerable elderly and young people. The commune also runs temporary housing for the needy, as well as homeless children shelter for 12 kids, which is located at 10 Dvinskaya Street in St. Petersburg.

Hope social rehabilitation center, located in the Karelian village of Tervu, is focused on developing skills in farming, construction, woodworking, sewing and pottery. It also includes a shelter for 24 people, and a summer camp for up to 30 kids. The commune helps social orphans and state orphanage graduates. These teenagers and young adults, aged 12 to 25, sustain themselves by working on a farm, learning to lead farmers life and acquiring necessary skills. Hope aims to help its graduates successfully integrate into society.
Last year Hope lead 12 teenagers through the social rehabilitation course, and 18 teenagers through the short society integration course. During 10 years of its existence, Hope helped 36 orphans to graduate from the commune and lead independent productive life. More than 350 children attended the summer camp and participated in the commune development. Today’s commune includes the following 12 students and volunteers.

As the graduates of orphanages are taking their first steps in their independent life, it is up to us, the adults, to influence what kind of steps those will become. “This grass roots organization has saved from trouble and educated fifteen graduates of orphanages so far, teaching them labor skills and making them wholesome society members,” said St. Petersburg Governor Mr. Yakovlev. Hope celebrated its 10th anniversary on May 25, 2003. This event was included as part of St. Petersburg’s celebration of 300 years.

Thanks for kind donations: Richard & Rebecca Soverns, Sam Lippitt, Amara Karuna, Leonard Lan, Oleksiy Khomenko, Rubber Soul Records, Kathleen Tenoever, Jonathan Soverns, Michael McNeely, Craig Walker, Derek Lown, Alfredo Carrion, Dianne Cox, Sara Aitken, Lars Michelsen, Amber Mohiuddin, Norman Spaulding, Linnae Designs, Drew McDaniel, Virginia da Costa, Fionna Corey, Tabitha Murphy, Nadieshda.org, David Muir, Carey Schultz, Igor Tereshin, Maria Streit, Adam Sheda, Michael Paulick, Luciano Rubalcava, Robert Lvgren, Richard Phalen & Phyllis Stites, Joel Ames, Vera Gridasova, John Hardy, John Benson, Ann Cramer, Emi Miyake, Michael Ross, Dmitri Poukhovski, Mark Knight, James Martin, Marc Zappala, Tatiana Jackson, Barbra Smerz, Ioulia Bessanova, Edward Goldstein, Christine Durko, Yuliya Lucey, Reni Thomas, Alan Leung, and our own permanent fund: Adam Sheda Memorial Fund.