There are about 10 baby orphanages and hospitals around Vladivostok (total area population is about 5 million).
At least half of these babies are mentally or physically ill. Additional attention and professional help makes a great impact on their lives!
One additional specialist and makes a big difference for the babies at one orphanage.

In recent years, the unfortunate reality is such that not all children are welcomed into the world. Birthing wards, hospitals and regional clinics are left with increasing numbers of unwanted babies. These children often suffer from slow development and physical weakness and require specialized help. This project will offer massage to weakened newborns, performed by qualified massage specialists.

The project will serve three organizations:
1 specialist for Vladivostok Baby Orphanage
1 specialist for Children’s Hospital #3
1 specialists for City Clinical Children’s Hospital

The specialists will be identified and compensated by Vladivostok Orphanage #1 , which will also make scheduling arrangements with receiving organizations. Currently the society employs 3 specialists for $1,200 per quarter. Coordinator/payroll/accountant’s fee is 5% of this amount = $25 per month.
It is expected that greater physical fitness will await participating babies and that when proven successful, this type of program will encompass many other organizations which deal with abandoned or weakened children. We believe that this project: “Massage Therapy for Abandoned Newborns” will help build a great future for these small children.

Department of Health Letter
The main problem facing Russian orphanages is lack of established adequate rehabilitation process which would incorporate children’s access to specialized medical help. The participation of specialists such as the acupuncturist, mobility therapist and physical therapist in the rehabilitation process is imperative. The use of such specialists will especially help children with disorders of the nervous system.

Below is the listing of specialists necessary for individual rehabilitation of young orphans who reside at the following state orphanages:
-1 reflexology therapist – for Vladivostok Orphanage
-1 reflexology therapist – for Ussuriyski Orphanage
-1 reflexology therapist – for Nakhodka Orphanage
-1 reflexology therapist – for Social Wing of Children’s Hospital of Vladivostok
-1 physical therapist – for Artem Orphanage

Mrs. I. Zaitseva, Lead Regional Specialist
Health Department

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