The Childrens’ Ward at the Makariv Regional Hospital serves 300-400 kids annually. Built in 1986, the hospital has much of the original infrastructure in place and only minor renovations are performed each year due to budget limitations. The hospital frequently experiences issues with their water supply due to excessive sedimentation. They desperately need to have the supply pipes to the building replaced. Many of the windows are old, wood frame style and cannot be easily opened due to years of rot and paint buildup.

The kids staying at the ward come from a variety of backgrounds. Orphans, kids from poor families, kids with parents struggling with substance abuse and kids with serious medical conditions or disabilities. Some kids stay a few days, others live there for several months depending on their individual needs. The ward also serves as a temporary shelter for infants and toddlers that have been abandoned by their birth parents.

The goal of the program is to provide a warm, safe place for the kids to rest and heal. Donations to the program help purchase medicines, food and other urgently needed supplies that the hospital cannot provide to the kids. We also would like to replace the windows in the room designated for orphan care, replace the water supply pipes and provide a washing machine and other appliances to the staff in order to help their efforts in caring for the kids. Our volunteers visit the ward twice a week to interact with the kids, talk to the doctors and any family members.

Thanks for kind donations: Jonathan Soverns, Tom & Lee Santilli, Microsoft Giving Campaign, Anonymous (in Jesus name), Elena Jacob, Richard & Rebecca Soverns, Heidi Zimmerman, Abraham Levit, CS&P Fiduciaire, Nicholas Oconnor, Ty Huynh, Bill Ryerson, Aixin Liu, PayPal Giving Fund, and our own permanent fund: Adam Sheda Memorial Fund.